Hej from Li’l Sis Eco-Friendly Goat Milk Soap. It’s time to start preparing for my Spring Markets. I have purchased a beautiful stainless steel stock pot with a spigot.

I will be doing something very exciting for the first time. I will be MASTERBATCHING!! This means that I will take my recipes and put them through a soap calculator and quadruple them or more. This means my new pot will hold a much larger amount of oils and butters than I normally melt. The pot will be placed on my scale and I will add the new amounts as specified. The pot then will sit on a burner in my workshop and allow my hard butters, oils and natural bee’s wax to melt slowly. When they have all melted, I will add my liquid oils. The advantage of MASTERBATCHING is having all your butters and Oils melted and ready for several different batches of soap. I will have ready all the additives such as clays, colorants, Essential Oils and any botanicals I wish to use. In one day, I can make 5-6 different soaps!

Well, bye for now! Off to my workshop!😊❤🐐

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